Features a modern hall with brand new tables, 

excellent lighting and wooden sprung floor

near Ealing Broadway in  West London

Features a sports hall with brand new tables, 

excellent lighting and wooden sprung floor

near Ealing Broadway in  West London

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This is an initiative started by two avid entrepreneurial table tennis players in the West London area at Actonian's Sports Club in Gunnersbury Drive Ealing and very close to Acton Town tube station and very convenient for the M4 motorway. 

The objective is to make table tennis available for all who wish to participate, whether for a recreational purpose, casual play, those interested in having coaching, or the player that wishes to have advanced coaching.

Everyone is welcome regardless of age or table tennis skill. Also to be available is a course where a beginner could learn to play the game properly in four weeks. There will also be a facility available for other coaches to bring their player clients along to use the facilities


NET - Neuro Exercise Therapy

An introduction to a great new natural therapy with ‘no drugs’ for any Alzheimer’s or dementia related condition. There has been some evidence including some studies at Kings College Hospital that physical exercise can stimulate the brain and can be very therapeutic and can be very supportive for sufferers and enjoyable.


Table tennis or some would refer to it as ping pong is this very therapy it is played throughout the world by people of all ages in fact there are people of around 100 years young playing the game and competitively too.  It is a great exercise both physically and mentally and it can be played by 4 people together, 2 together or even by one using a robot.. And you can also sit and play too.

NET Table Tennis Centre Ltd are promoting this to care homes, nursing homes up and down the country and to anyone suffering such a condition. Their tables are to be specifically made to allow the ball to stay in play longer and the bats are specifically designed to keep the ball in play longer too maximising the enjoyment. The reason for this is it has been established that the more physical action in the use of ones hands and arms in playing the ball over the net along with the use of the brain the more therapeutic and advantageous it is.


The people

John  Davidson

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An experienced player who previously managed a British League team in the premier division having taken the team from the fourth division to the premier. He also competed in the world table tennis championships (veterans). Also, a keen sportsman having played squash, football and rugby in his formative years. 

George Miljanic

Table tennis licenced coach level 2 (UKCC2). A player whose table tennis skills had developed very quickly and soon became a qualified coach and competes in a local league. He has had a busy sports career and continues to be very active in sports. He previously played basketball and tennis. He is also a keen archer.

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The hall is on site at Actonian's and the equipment comprises 5 new tournament quality tables, table tennis robot and service practice table. Bats and balls are provided too. It is the intention to promote our sport to members of public, local businesses, schools, universities and other organisations that don’t have table tennis facilities.

Turn-up and play or reserve table on-line


Admission fee: £5.00 per person an hour (£10 per table/minimum charge).  For children under 10 admission is FREE, must be accompanied with an adult.

For costs in relation to other services (tt robot, playing partner, service table etc) and equipment please email or call. 

Free parking at the Actonian's car park

Find us at:

The Pavilion, Actonian's, Gunnersbury Drive, Ealing, London, United Kingdom, W5 4LL

(The Pavilion is the 2nd building on the left from the car-park)

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